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This site allows UK residents to request quotes for the sale of UK endowments policy. Selling a Traded Endowment Policy (also known as a TEP or Second Hand Endowment) is almost always better than surrendering it.

If you are thinking of surrendering your endowment, be sure to obtain a quotation from us before you do. Depending on your policy we can obtain anything up to a 40% increased return.

It is a fact that most insurance companies pay disappointing surrender values when a policyholder decides to cash in a policy early. Our quote service compares quotes from up to 10 regulated market makers to ensure you get the best price. Each policy is individual and the amount you will receive will depend on the start date, the maturity date and the surrender value at the time the details are completed using the form below.

Getting a quote is easy - just take a short time to fill in your personal details and the policy information and submit the online quotation form.

Click the links in the panel on the upper right hand side of this page to get a quote or to find out more about the companies that are working together to provide this service.

NB: To use the quotation system, you must have at least a version 4 Netscape or IE browser.

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